A Night of Light november 11, 2011


red and green sparks shot forth

from the cylindrical cardboard wands,

like the dueling beams of wizard’s spells,

the firecrackers shot back and forth

across the street between the two men,

who in a fit of childlike laughter,

continued to wage a showy battle

beneath a sky sparkling with the light

of a thousand flaming lanterns.

river and sky mirrored one another,

the candles of a million floating krathong,

unceremoniously snuffed out by small

hands searching for a five baht coin,

and the rice paper lanterns above

threatening to light each leafy branch

they bump as they journey

up. up. up.


One response »

  1. I quite enjoyed the imgery of this poem! I was delightful and engaging, and I could very well see the lights in the skies. I adored the ‘cylindrical carboard wands’ as a description for the fireworks. Stunning!

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