To the f***ing clocks at the meditation retreat:


Last night (11/5/11) I wrote: should write a poem about how horrendous clocks are…so here goes:

Ticking our lives away
Clocks keep our schedules
Running, our hours of sleep in check.
Clocks dictate where we go,
When the food is grown,
And when the great bells toll.
But they have taken our freedom
With their imposed order.
Tick tick, tick tick,
They keep an eye on us from every
Room. Watching, waiting, until we
Look to them for guidance of
When we must go.
To the alarm clock in my room:
How I hate you. Your constant, loud,
Obnoxious breathing always
Whispering in my ear. I threw you
Against the wall last night,
So that I may sleep in peace.
And yet I heard from the dismantled
Organs of your green body the constant
Tick tick tick tick of your ever present


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