I see a world where everything
Is linked, stems lead down
From the clouds and rest upon
Our heads, the lines linking
Us to family are never cut, and
The black, dirty stems from
Pollution, war, and unhappiness
Flow out of each and every one
Of us. We walk down crowded
Streets, stepping over, under,
And through the vines that connect
Us to every thing on earth.
Men in suits and briefcases
Step under a tangle of stems
Shooting out from a street child’s heart,
And the lines of the dogs wrestling
In the park are constantly becoming
Entangled. In a world like this
We could see what causes each new
Stem to appear: littering, hate, drinking
Water, compassion. Perhaps in a
World like this we would learn to stop
All the black stems from appearing.

(Concept idea taken from Thich Nhat Hanh in his book, “Peace Is Every Step”)


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