Hornbill Hut


I woke up with the waves
This morning, when the clouds
Had not yet lifted, and dawn was just
Starting to peak her head
Above the palms. As I looked
Out my window I saw the waves
Beating out their steady tempo
Upon the shore, and the fishing
Boats in our small bay heaving
Their nets aboard with the
Morning’s first catch. I walked out into
The low surf, let the cool waves
Wash over my feet
My legs
My stomach.
I stopped and closed my eyes,
Listening to the gulls overhead
And the cicadas on shore.
I felt the subtle shift around my body
As the ocean gathered for each swell
And then released me as it passed.
My mind stopped it’s frenetic worrying
And was at ease. No other thoughts
But to count my breath,
And I allowed the water to hold me.


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