Boat to Koh Phayam


The great engine of our ferry out to Koh Phayam rumbles beneath me as I bask in the warmth from the bright equatorial sun streaming in the open window beside me. Bubbles and sea foam flow past in a loud flurry. We just passed the meeting of the river coming out from Ranong and the dark green-blue of the Andaman Sea. Brown met green in a solid line of color and then was gone, as if it had never been there, a mere illusion. A sparrow lifts and dives alongside us, following the wind trail of the boat. Out ahead of us green silhouettes of the mountainous islands rise from the dark waters, meeting with the blueish-white sky above. Small islands dot the horizon and fishing trawlers ring the shores.
Behind lie the cloud encrusted mountains of the Thai-Burmese mainland, rising in tiers then gradually disappearing into the haze.
Mangroves swamp the shores and only a few small specks of white sand peek through.


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